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You Might Want To Know...
We're fast, fresh, and full of flavor. Besides all that, we're heros when it comes to our commitment to creating a unique gyro bursting with ingredients that are fresh & delicious. Here's the best part - we can customize every gyro to suit the individual tastes of great Austinites like you. Our menu items include our famous original gyros made with beef & lamb,  we also feature chicken, veggie, and falafel gyros, served with fresh vegetables. Our veggie gyros feature sautéed vegetables which are sautéed right in front of you! Our prized hot sauce is a must try! We import it directly from the Middle East and is a perfect compliment to our gyros!

How Heros Gyros Came To Be...
Our business name was created as a result of much brainstorming. Many ideas were tossed around, but in the end, the decision was made to call it Heros Gyros. The story behind the name originated from the Greeks themselves. The correct pronunciation of gyro is "hee-roh". That rymes with hero, and Heros Gyros was born! Try saying that three times fast!

The Tale Of Heros Gyros
It all started with an idea. The idea to create an innovative gyro filled with flavor. One that stood out from the crowd. One that was filled with zest, and had the stamina to hold an unbelievable amount of quality meat and vegetables. We felt with high quality food and fresh ingredients, accompanied by outstanding customer service, word about Heros Gyros would travel naturally. As a result of Laurence and Alexa's determination & perseverance, Heros Gyros was born in early 2010.